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How does installation & maintenance compare with conventional materials?

It's faster and less costly to install precast concrete walls, gates, and fences than conventional materials, such as wood, bricks, blocks, or poured-in-place concrete. Your concrete contractor will not have to bring in as much equipment, meaning there will be minimal disturbance to your property, and less mess to deal with afterwards. Precast walls or fence panels are flexible to use and easily "custom-fitted" to your site, no matter how uneven the surface may be. And if your requirements change in the future, the wall or fence can be readily dismantled and reassembled wherever you choose.

Virtually no maintenance is necessary. Once you've completed the precast concrete fence or wall install, that's it. You will not have to pay for painting, oiling, resealing, rust removal, etc. (although you certainly can paint if you'd like a change of color). All you'll need to do is wash the concrete occasionally, which is simple to do with your garden hose. Repair is equally uncomplicated, since individual components can be replaced if damaged -- there is no need for time-consuming and expensive repairs to the entire structure.

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