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Est. 2020


Dhruv Shah

Ishant Thaker

Co-Founder | Pick & Build 

Co-Founder | Pick & Build  


We are engineering students who are looking to change the traditional norms of construction. We are dedicated to improve the quality of living and reduce the cost of construction to ensure low income housing is available, while also ensuring you don't have to waste a lot of time waiting and fighting against the prolonged development time of roads, highways, flyovers, community spaces, public toilets, houses, offices & buildings.



Impact of Coronavirus outbreak on Indian Real Estate.

Allied businesses such as steel, heavy machinery and other raw materials are heavily dependent on Chinese import.


Is Precast Concrete Environmentally Friendly?

A tenet of sustainability is using materials that stand the test of time. Concrete is a durable product.


What should a civil engineer or developer know?

Your choice of a proven system provider with in-house engineering expertise and a solid track record will go a long way in guiding you through the process from conception to completion.



Buildings, Apartments, Villas, Bungalows & Row Houses


Hospitals, Hotels, 

Malls, Schools, 

Buildings, Offices, Indsutries & Factories.

commercial spaces are preferred to be constructed using prefabrication as it gives a larger floor span and avoids internal columns.


Roads, Highways, Schools, Toilets, Boundary Walls & Staff Quarters.




Based in Mumbai.

Dhruv Shah:

+91 99303 85413

Ishant Thaker:

+91 99300 29262

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