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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

I, Ishant Thaker co-founder of PICK & BUILD CONSTRUCTIONS PVT. LTD. Is here with a new topic “ Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors “

Change is an unformulated rule of life. Adapting to change is not only challenging but of utmost importance in life. It is like water to fishes and oxygen to us. Change has become a necessity for survival in this inexorably evolving world and also a very important ingredient in the recipe of Success.

“ Change will not always be given to you, you have to bring it “

Most people do not adapt to the change in the angst of losing what they have. It’s like losing the game even when the ball is in their court.

You have to raise yourself irrespective of the field you have chosen for yourself.

1. The web designer has to learn new coding languages.

2. The businessman has to think of new ideas for expansion of business.

3. The singer has to mug up new lyrics

4. Chef has to practice new recipes

5. Doctors have to study new medicines.

“ Change is an irreplaceable stride to growth “

Have you ever thought about the repercussions of not upgrading yourself?

Not Adapting to change had become the worst nightmare of Nokia, a leading Company which once valued 50 billion dollars, dominated the mobile industry for more than a decade and later faced the near-certain likelihood of bankruptcy

When Nokia was at its pinnacle, it had a 60% market share globally in the mobile industry. When the Company released its 2100 series, the goal of the Company was to sell 4 million phones and guess what? They sold 20 millions of them!

Iconic Nokia 3310 still has the title of world’s most indestructible phone.

Then how did the tables turn?

When Apple launched its new generational touchscreen phones, Nokia also joined this race but forgot that customers not only want touchscreen feature but also simultaneously wanted new applications and new interfaces. However, the Company only worked on hardware upgradation.Their sales shot down from 60% to 10% in just 2 years. Where revolutionary Apple is worth 2 Trillion today.

Just because they couldn’t take the technological jump. The Company which was leading the industry once upon a time was acquired by Microsoft only for 7 billion dollars.

Now you have to decide whether you want to Adapt to the change and snatch a trophy or practice your old ways and be happy with the participation certificate.

It’s time to upgrade because If not today, then when?


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