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I, Ishant Thaker, Co-founder of Pick & Build Constructions Pvt. Ltd. would like to share with you a very important piece of information about art which cannot be aced by everybody but if comprehended accurately it will pave your way to success in this competitive world and may shrink your chances of failure. It is called the ART OF DECISION MAKING.

There are some basic rules to ace this art which I followed to get out of the problems & I hope this will help you to take firm and quick decisions so that you can give your best in whichever field you are without being perplexed.

Before we start always remember that your brain plays a major role in making all the decisions of your life. Your brain is a supercomputer, Scientists say that human beings get around 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day.

So whenever you plan on to start something this brain will give you hundreds or thousands of options which is good but it will confuse you too. In order to save yourself from this bewilderment follow these basic rules and you are good to go.

1. Limit your options: Don’t work on multiple projects at the same time. If you want to give your best, do one thing at a time. Let me clear that there is a thin line between multi-tasking and handling multiple projects at a given time. Multi-tasking is good so you can work faster but handling multiple projects is a disaster as it can diverge your focus and concentration.

2. Draw a hard line between good and bad: For taking any decisions in life first you need to figure out that whatever you are doing is right or wrong. If you feel it is wrong, cancel the plan, and move forward don’t waste your time there and if you feel it is right without a second thought to move ahead with it. So before you step into any project in any field you have to be firm enough to know that whatever you are doing is right.

3. Listen to gut feelings: Many times in life you will come across a problem where you have to select your path or take a decision without even knowing the results or when you are at a point where you are clueless about what to do? What’s next?. In such circumstances make your gut feeling your best friend and listen to it because best friend never lie so Whatever your gut feeling tells you is right, go for it as it is rightly said by Brian Koslov “Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere.”

4. Think of your time and money: This is one of the most important factors. Before taking any decisions consider this factor. Question yourself Do you have time to complete this task? if yes, do you have sufficient money flow? Out of these two questions even if one of the answers is negative you should leave it or be prepared for a massive hustle. If even one of the two is unavailable, you will be stuck in a boat in the middle of the sea with no ends and result being your self-confidence will be shattered completely.

5. Know that decisiveness grows with each decision: “Practice makes a man perfect“. Your every bad decision will teach you a lesson, keep those in mind, learn from it and try to not repeat it but simultaneously keep moving forward. One wrong decision won’t make you a failure but if your repeat it, again and again, it is going be difficult for you.

6. Remember that indecision kills: Are you an over thinker? Are you the one who's first thought is to fail? Are you the one who easily agree with people’s mindset the first second and changes their own mindset the very next second? Are you the one who can never make any decisions alone without anyone's help? If yes, the first thing you should do is to go to the dustbin throw this crap and give it a shot. Your first enemy is you, yourself, and your mindset. When you can I do this? will transform to “Why can’t I do this? Hell yes! I can do this” that day you will be unstoppable. This tinny question mark is your biggest enemy because of which your amazing thoughts and your capabilities will never come to a reality and just because of this tinny question mark you will feel like you are doing nothing. You’ll never be able to do anything in life. So get over this.

7. Take a step: The most important step to ace the art of decision making is to take a step. Your self-confidence is the key to achieve your aim in life. Many people give up just because they can’t see their goal or it is very difficult to achieve or they feel they are not capable of it. Keep your goal in your mind and your eyes on your feet. If you think of reaching from directly nothing to everything it will look difficult and maybe impossible so start with 0-10 after that 10-20, 20-30, and so on. You’ll surely reach your success without losing your confidence. Before you take this step please fix this in your head, promise to yourself that you won’t turn back till you reach your goal. If you start you might lose but if you won’t, you will 100% lose. Take a step.

I hope this will help you to ace your power of decision making and you’ll surely make it work.


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