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Labour Shortage

The post - lockdown period will see a tremendous shortage for the labour force for at least upcoming 6 months. In a country where construction industry is one of the largest employers engaging 3.3 crore people, there are newer challenges for the realty players to get the right quantity and quality of labourers. Certain central government schemes like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (MNREGA) providing rural employment are causing the labourers to stay back in villages. The workers sent back to their native places are highly unlikely to come back to urban environments for work, once again. This will not only affect the construction industry but also agricultural, manufacturing, e-commerce and many other labour intensive sectors.

“The situation of labor shortage is very severe. By some estimates the shortage will be somewhere between 60% to 70%”

Tens of thousands of workers who returned to villages are now similarly weighing whether to return at the end of the lockdown, which PM Modi extended to May 17. About 20% of India’s workforce comprises migrants journeying from another state, while a larger share is made up of people who travel from different parts of the state where their workplace is located, he added.

During these tough times, companies have no other option but to shift to other advance technologies for help. Construction companies will take up prefabrication or precast to complete ongoing projects. There is no other option but to change working protocols, drastically. Outsourcing work might be the only possible option right now.

“We at Pick & Build Constructions are equipped to face the labour shortage and help other companies in any way we can”

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